Uber Login : How to Book a Uber Cab using Uber App ?

Uber Login : Uber is a transportation network company started in 2009 and its head office is located in San Francisco, California. The company has developed and operates the UBER app. It operates in around 66 countries till date. The idea of the company is to provide fast and comfortable transportation service to its customers in their busy life with the use of uber login app on their smartphone. The company works on an online platform through a software programme. The software handles all the trip requests and then send it to the uber drivers. The software also handles pricing and payment.

Uber Login : How to Book a Uber Cab using Uber App ?


How to use the uber service through your smartphone?

  1. Download and install the uber mobile app from the play store. The icon of the app will be displayed on your smartphones home screen.
  2. Select the app to start it.
  3. Now you need to sign in to use the service of the app. Enter you email address and create a password of the account you are making on uber. The registration or sign up is totally free.
  4. Then tap on the sign in button and your account will be created on uber. You can also login to uber from your PC or laptop on visiting the website https://login.uber.com/login#!/invite where you need to enter your email and password and tap the login button.

How to use the uber app?

To use the app, follow the instructions below-

  1. Start the app and log in.
  2. Select the car type from the options given to you-

Uber provides you with different car types according to your need, convenience and budget. The different options available to you are a Uber’s black car which is a sedan and which can allow four members to fit in. Then there is SUV option available to you which will allow six people to fit in the vehicle comfortably. There is also an option of UbersXL which also a SUV type and is convenient for six people at a time which is a low budget option. When you need a normal and budgetary ride you can select the option of UberX which is a hatchback and is convenient for four people.

  1. After you select the car type you will be informed by the pricing of the journey in that car per kilometre or mile. YOU will also be informed about the minimum fare and the number of people which can fit in the car you selected. The estimated time of arrival will also be displayed to you. Though the car select also depends upon where you are and what cars available near your location.
  2. The next step is to select your location from where you need to be picked up. To select the location, you will have a map on the screen of your phone on the uber app. Search your location and tap on the location from where you need the uber transportation service.
  3. Now select the destination where you need to reach.
  4. Pay for the service either through credit or debit cards. Though Uber has started cash payments in India since 2015. You need not to pay tips to the driver and cancel the trip if the driver does not arrive within five minutes. If you cancel the trip after 5 minutes you will be charged fee.

Features of the app-

  • The app allows to rate the drivers of the uber cab.
  • The app provides you with an option of Network Issues to solve the network problems.
  • The recent trip option provides you with the information of your recent trip. Whether the trip was cancelled or not, cost of the trip and such other information like date and time and not much.
  • The best feature of the app is the Waybill option which gives us a lot of information of last trip most importantly drivers name, his driving license number, license plate number and the state etc.

The uber app has made it easy for the people who are engaged in their daily life to have the transportation service easy and fast and people don’t have to wait for taxi’s and waist their precious time. Download the app and enjoy your trip.

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