Uber App Download for Android Phones & Tablets

Uber App is the ridesharing application designed to help people book their cab and ride and do a lot more things on the go. To get Uber App Download on your Smartphone, you have to follow few simple steps. Follow the guide below to download Uber App on your device.

Uber is the widely used and renowned ridesharing application that allows the Smartphone users to request and book driver pickup wherever you are and take you to the destination of your choice. It comes with ease to use interface that make cab booking easier and faster for you. The application is made available for all Smartphone users and allows the users to book cabs of their choice. After Uber App Download, users are required to register with the application and enter their credit card details so that the service can automatically charge you when you request and book for a ride and complete your journey. So, registered users are not required to worry about carrying cash while booking a ride with Uber cab.

The interface of the Uber Application shows the users precisely which vehicle is available for their ride presently and users can make choice of the cab on which they want to ride. They can choose which model and driver they would love to enjoy the drive with and select the pickup point and the dropping location while booking the ride. The application also provides the users with an estimated rate card for the ride they have booked prior to riding. This gives the riders with an idea about the charge which they need to pay after completing the ride. Once the ride is over, the users will get an electronic receipt mentioning the rate of the ride which will be deducted automatically from the card they have mentioned at the time for registering. Uber App is overall an useful application for those who commute on daily basis and want to have cheaper alternative for luxury ride. So, go for Uber App Download and book your ride today.

Cool Features of Uber App

  • It Gives You Upfront Costs for Ride – This is the most amazing feature that you would enjoy with Uber App Download. Now you don’t have to estimate or guess the amount which you would require to pay for the ride you are booking. At the time of booking a ride, the application ask your pickup point and destination and based on this information the application automatically provides you with the estimate rate card for the ride you are intending to book. This helps the riders to know exactly what amount they will be charged prior to their ride.
  • It Tells Riders Where to Stand – At the time of booking the ride through Uber App, you get suggestions and clues from the application where to stand for pickup. It is really frustrating at times when you get to know the driver end up on the other side of the road for your pickup and you are standing at the other end which is difficult for you to reach. So, Uber Application understanding such situations and hence the application provides the riders with clues on where to stand for best pickup. The application may ask you to walk a minute to reach the best pickup spot which is easier both for you and your driver for pickup.

  • Uber App Can Entertain Riders on the Way – Once you board the cab for your ride and seat at the backseat of the cab, you will be entertained by the application as it serves more active purposes apart from showing you the ETA and Map. The latest version of Uber App brings in the inter-app connectivity options, entertainment, and more which allows you to enjoy music during your voyage. It also allows the riders to access Foursqaure or Ylp for insight on hotspot around the destination you are going to visit. More crazy features will be soon added into the application to entertain the riders on board.
  • It Informs Snapchat Mates About Your ETA – The latest version of Uber App Download play friendly as it informs all your Snapchat mates about your ETA. The App filters and let your mate know about your estimated arrival time atop of your image. It also allows you to send a backseat selfie to your mates and share some info with fiends on the process.
  • Uber App Allows You to Order Dinner On the Go – There is also a version of Uber App that allows the users to order meals on the go. The application makes ordering of dinner and takeaway delivery easier and faster for the riders. Riders can book their meals on the go and get them delivered at their home after their arrival. The application will tell the rider approximately who much time it will take to deliver the food after you reach home. So, ride back home after a hectic day out and get hot and well cooked food ready for you. So, go for Uber App Download today for such features.

Uber App Download for Smartphone Users :

The process to download the Uber App on your Smartphone varies depending upon the operating system you are using. The process for Android user is simple and easy. Uber App Download can be done directly from the Google Play Store. Below you will come across with step by step process to download Uber App on your Smartphone.

Uber App Download for Android Users:

  • Step one – Lunch the Google Play Store on your device
  • Step Two – Now enter Uber App on the search box of the play store and hit enter
  • Step Three – You will find the Uber App Download option on the search result
  • Step Four – Click on the right Uber App icon to start the downloading process
  • Step Five – Once the downloading of the application is over, the installation process of the application will start automatically. Wait till the application is installed on your device
  • Step Six – Once the installation is completed, a shortcut icon of the application will be created on the home screen of the device.

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