Titanium Backup Pro Apk Download For Android for free

Titanium Backup Pro Apk: As the backup name joined in the Titanium Backup, the work and performance of this app is far better in backup. It is seen that we get many backup apps in the store or as Apk but the performance and efficiency aren’t been kept. Few apps just backup the files and docs, by leaving all extra SMS, MMS and other stuff. Few apps are allowed to backup only video, picture and files. If you’re a daily Android users than you may get the files, pictures, video or any to save in your device which may be important. Always getting connecting to PC or Laptop using your USB cable to secure the content from the device isn’t easy. It takes time transfer the files and also regally checkups the backup is done or not. Also if you have got the Dropbox, Google Drive or Box apps in your device the files must be moved manually. There are many issues which arise when the point comes to Backup. So to avoid all this issues and get a free platform in the device which only concentrates to Backup the files easily and let you get a security.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk Download For Android for free


Titanium Backup Pro Apk For Android Download

Titanium Backup is an App which is all set to do all the works which you were doing in Hand. The files, docs, videos, pictures, SMS, MMS, Songs and many other options can be saved to any Backup device in just one click. Just select the content and the process will be started in quick time. It gives option to sync the content from device like apps, files, Songs and many directly to the Google Drive, box, DropBox and if any other cloud services available in device. So I suggest you to get the Titanium Backup App in your android device download from its Google Play Store.

In this Article we got the manual process to install the Titanium Backup using its Latest Apk file. Just go through our article briefly and you will feel that you’re going to secure your files now. Make sure to regularly check the setting and ensure the Backup is being uploaded or not.

How to Use Titanium Backup App:

Using Titanium Backup is bit easy but if you’re new to this App, then I suggest you to know the proper steps before you proceed with installation steps. It is important to know the exact tools else in case of Backup you may completely delete the files. So have look at the below given guide once.


How to Use Titanium Backup App

  • After successfully installing the Titanium Backup that is developed by Titanium Track
  • In the open you will shown a window with few option like Backup, freeze, Run App and etc
  • Tap on Backup button which will start the backup operation in the device
  • You need to backup all apps at once or individually at a known location
  • Then if you want to restore any App lost data or file, come to Titanium Backup Main windows
  • Here click on middle icon which is like check mark and click on Restore button
  • Run the “Restore Missing Apps with Data” option and wait for a while
  • You will be taken to list of apps which fall in that category of Missing Apps
  • Choose the App which you were finding and that it

You have successfully, Backup and restore the App data in your device and when going on future you will know more feature of Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup Features:

There are lot of features which Titanium Backup is integrated, of them we have gathered only few here below.

  • One click batch restore all the files, docs and other stuff
  • It allow you to keep the multiple backup per applications and games
  • Can restore and backup all SMS, MMS, Calls, Bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP XML
  • It has multiple user app data for many apps
  • Apps freezer to freeze running apps
  • Sync directly to DropBox, Box, Google Drive Manual or Scheduled
  • It allow you to download or upload all your files as an ZIP file to PC
  • There are tools to convert al users apps to the system apps
  • Titanium Backup can update the system apps to the ROM
  • encryption and market doctor for better performance
  • a feature to deflected all market links is also added
  • also backup all files to PC or Device without closing them
  • Create your own zip file which contain all your apps
  • Restore individual apps from Non-root ADB backup, CWM backups, and also TWRP backups
  • It is added with the market auto updating features

Download Titanium Backup Apk:

To get this Backup App in your Apps menu, you have to go with manual steps. If this app was available in Google play store, it wasn’t being that hard to get this App installed. So we must go with manual steps with proper sequel steps to get Titanium Backup App installed in Android OS.

  • As like all the time your device must be compatible to run Titanium Backup App
  • You’re required to enable the “Unknown sources” option from menu
  • This option will be available in General or Security menu of Settings Option
  • Then download the Titanium Backup Apk file from online
  • Else directly download its Apk from this link in your device
  • It is mandatory to save the Apk file in the device SD card
  • After getting downloaded, click on it which then show a pop up message box
  • That will be asked to Start the installation, Click on install button
  • Then on terms of App to agree and wait for a while
  • In quick time App will be installed and then automatically will add its icon in Apps menu
  • Once App icon is added in Apps menu the installation process is completed

So by following this steps and working manually, we have got the Titanium Backup app installed in android device successfully. Now start using this device in your device and enjoy all its features which can secure your file or docs. Any queries on this article are to be posted in below comment section.

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