Tinder without Facebook Posting : Use Tinder without Fb Login Tips

Tinder without Facebook : Tinder is a private platform that allows its users to have their texting securely. It is a dating app which has got millions of users on its platform. Get connected with people around you by exploring through this platform. It is known to be the best matching application that bring two persons together and fix a day for their date. User can blink to other if they like them and if the return reply comes then they can start their conversation. This all process will be secure in the Tinder application between the two accounts.

But there is some different issue using the Tinder App, as it asks you to link the Facebook account at starting. It has been noted that most of the apps will ask for the link to any social networking sites. Facebook is the first social sites that is been requested by any application to get linked, before they start their page.

Tinder without Facebook – Use Tinder without FB Posting

Also it has seen that if you get connected through the Facebook, Tinder will automatically post entire updates of you on your profile.

tinder without facebook

tinder without facebook

It even share if you have gone for a date or meeting any person on your timeline. This is really above the privacy level of any individual. As many keep their date as a secret and would not like to share their person stuff. But by linking the Tinder with Facebook this following issues will arise.

Use Tinder without Facebook Friends Knowing Guide :

As you have seen an issue which will arise if you link your Facebook account with Tinder Application. There is much personal stuff which isn’t to be announced in public. The times comes and the surprise can be given, but Tinder will let your personal stuff go on Facebook profile once you connect it.

By considering all this stuff we have got a preventive measure which will help you to have your privacy safe. The main reason is, as Facebook is popular social site Tinder has joined with it to get popular. As someone share it on Facebook account the popularity increase and the account in Tinder will increase. We eventually can’t just unlink the Tinder from Facebook but can take some measure such that none of our information will be leaked.  

Method 1 – Stop Tinder from Accessing Facebook

Here are the steps which will let you keep your Tinder Information safe and will not get publish on Facebook account. Even If you link your Facebook account Tinder won’t post anything on your account.

Tinder without FB

Tinder without FB

  • The first step is go to Facebook.com from your PC or Mobile phone
  • Then Click on the lock icon at top corner which has three vertical lines
  • Now click on “See More Settings” at the bottom of the page
  • Scroll down to “Apps” and then click to see them.
  • You will find Tinder on the list shown. Click on it and select that App Visibility shows Only Me.

Method 2 – Create New Facebook Account

So the above method will stop tinder from posting any more updates, posts or using your account as well. The second method is that you can create another Facebook Account and use it for registration at Tinder easily.


That’s It! By this way Tinder won’t be able to post anything to your Facebook account. This will make your account be safe and secure without any publicity. Enjoy using Tender account freely even if it is linked with Facebook account.

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