Save Snapchat Videos, Stories & Pics with AZ Screen recorder Download

Save Snapchat Videos : Download  AZ Screen recorder to save snapchat stories on android & ios. Snapchat is a secure social media network which won’t allow any users to download its picture or videos without knowing their sender. As we know that we can’t download the video vibes of Snapchat in our device directly, so we have got few apps to help us. There are few app found in market that will record the screen and get us the video or any played on screen as a recording. Snapchat ask you money to get anything from the sender. You can just reply once if you pay and can only view the videos but can’t download them. To it saved in device you must pay to Snapchat and then download the video. This goes very risks as just stream a video we can’t pay regularly to snapchat. Also the uploaded or sent things on this platform will long lost for only few hours. It is better to get the stuff downloaded or any when you view it first, as later they will be deleted by Snapchat.

How to Save Snapchat Pics / Stories / Videos Undetected!Snapchat

In this article I will let you know how to download the Snapchat video without much risk. There are few apps which will just record your screen and we will make use of them to record the video. Follow the procedure to get the Snapchat video downloading your divide for free.

AZ Screen Recorder:

AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recording app that is well famous on the Android devices. Go through the below steps to know how to get the Snapchat video saved in your device.savesnapchat-snapchatvideo

  • First download the AZ screen recorder form Play store and install it
  • Launch the recorder and start the recoding from the settings
  • Now switch to Snapchat and go to video or any to stream on screen
  • Wait until whole video get streamed and then again switch to recorder app
  • Here select to stop recording and save the video

That’s it! Snapchat video is now recorded inform device, move the video to PC and edit it by removing extra stuff recorded. Else you can get the AZ screen recorder paid app and can cut the extra stuff within your device.

Snapchat Saver:

Here is another app which comes with Snapchat name and is designed only for the Snapchat. This Snapchat saver will save the Snapchat received messages along with the images and videos. It will allow you to save entire stories of images or videos in device easily. But is mandatory that his should be done before you open the Snapchat.


SnapBox is an iOS based application for iPhone/ iPad to save the Snapchat videos and photos. Using this app you can save any stuff from Snapchat app forever in your device memory. You just need to open the Snapchat and here you receive the messages, there the SnapBox get them saved. But if you load and open the photos you sender friend will know that you have just saved their sent images.

Snapchat being a secure platform and integrated to send notification if any images is downloaded without permission of sender. So make sure your friend agree with you if you save the video or photos of them.


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