Prisma For PC : Download Prisma for Mac Laptop & windows 7 8 10

Prisma for PC : Now we have got the trend of sharing our pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. This is a trend now as we upload the pictures to get filter using the Instagram. Adding filter by using this sites is bit uncomfortable so we have got a new Application on board named as Prisma. This app apply filter to your image and make it look like as a great work art. Basically when a picture gets out from Prisma it look likes it has been painted by any great painters.  This is great application who actually want to get there images to be painted or want to get some sort of art on them.  There are editing apps found in the market but the Prisma is which got developed recently. So entire features that has been lacking in older apps are now integrated in Prisma App.

Prisma For PC : Download Prisma for mac & windows 7 8 10

Prisma for PC is now available by using its Apk file. This App has its official Apk file that will get you install the App on PC windows. As we have trend to edit our pictures and post them in social networking sites, the same way we have a trend of running the iOS or Android apps on PC Windows. By using the Bluestacks emulator we can get our trend on work, as this emulator will give you interface to download Prisma App for PC.

Prisma for pc : download prisma on windows mac

Prisma for pc : download prisma on windows mac

Features of Prisma:

So now lest have a look at the great features of Prisma App which has recently got released for smartphone.

  • It converts image to a work of great art or awesome painting
  • Applies filters to images to make them look great
  • Filters of Prisma App are more better then Instagram and also other Apps
  • Get hundreds of Styles in Prisma
  • This app uses the artificial intelligence and neural networks for work

Download Prisma for PC Windows 7/8/10 Using Bluestacks:

As we discussed above we will be using the Bluestacks emulator for PC to get the Prisma App. Below we have gathered the points that will guide you to install Prisma on PC using this emulator.

prisma for pc download

prisma for pc download

  • Firstly connect your Windows PC to internet with good speed
  • Download the full file of Bluestacks from website
  • Then install it by following its installation instruction
  • Later launch the emulator on PC and then check it is connected to internet
  • Open the emulator and select the search bar
  • Make sure you selected the iTunes store as Prisma is available only in Apple Play Store
  • Then click on install button and agree with terms to download
  • In few seconds Prisma Apk will download and then automatically installed
  • Now Prisma App icon will be available in your Bluestacks Apps menu

Finally, Prisma is now available in the Windows PC/ Laptop and is ready to use through emulator. Just open the Bluestacks all the time whenever you wish to edit your picture using the Prisma App. If you have any doubt in this guide then let me know in below comment box. Also I will be thankful if you share this article with your friends and family.


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