5 Best LockScreen Apps For Android Smartphones 2017

Best LockScreen AppsLock Screen Apps have been much popular in Android devices, as when we get a Smartphone the privacy of this device is a big issues. The devices won’t have the privacy setting which can block other users to access your device. So we will use the Screen Lock app for our help.

Instead there are pattern or slide locks installed in Smartphone which are not that useful as they don’t add much features. This apps has different tools and features added which let your to be secure. Few apps mentioned below will capture the picture of someone if trying to access your device without knowing them. As like this there are many features which let you enjoy the device. If your friends use your device a lot them you can add these Lock Screen apps and keep it secure from theme.Also See Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones for 2017


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Why To Install LockScreen Widgets For Android Device?

There are many apps which can be found in store but installing a good one is worthy. So in this article we got a glance description about the apps and there working procedure. All their apps are valid and can be installed directly from store in your device.

5 Best LockScreen Apps:

  • AcDisplay:

Here comes the champion of the lock screen apps the AcDisplay App. It is undoubtedly the great application which is integrated with lot of tools and features. It has got the darkened background that is featured with the minimal design. It gives you a backlist that sends the notifications to the lock screen and also will let you know when you try to open your phone. AcDisplay has Active Mode which gives you a dynamic background settings and also there notifications bar. I suggest you to install this awesome application to protect your device using AcDisplay. Below are more apps which can be better than this, so have a look at them and device to get one installed.

  • Hi Locker:

Hi Locker is a unique type of screen locker which is based on the Cyanogen Mod Style. It allow you to get to apps directly from lock screen by just holding and swiping up. You need to select any apps that you like to access directly from lock screen and save them. Hi Locker has 3 different lock screen style as classic, iOS and Lollipop and a separated dedicated to calendar. This calendar will show your upcoming events and temperature on screen. Automatic wallpaper, customize screen, greetings and other fonts option are available here. If you want to experience a different local screen then Hi Locker is best choice for you.

  • CM Locker:

CM Locker is among the best used lock screen apps, as it got many features that let you control your device from screen. It give you option to clean the batter darning apps from lock screen. CM Locker has different lock screen style of which on is slide to unlock and other one is an iOS style one. Either you can choose to set pattern or pin to unlock your device which if any wrong attempt has made will capture the picture. This option let you find if someone is trying to attempt to use your device. View recent message, music, check weather and more using this app.

  • Slide Lock Locker:

If you love using the iPhone then this Slidelocklocker will help you do it. As this locker has them of iPhone which let your Android device feel like iOS platform. In this App you can un-lock the app lock screen by sliding from left to right or just swiping bottom to up. This will also let you get go to any desired app by dropping on it or else to directly to home screen. This App included a camera, web browser and home screen button. If you like to get fast access to any App then I’m sure you only want slide Lock Locker to be installed.

  • Semper:

Semper was formally known as the Unlock your Brain which was a quite different name. It is designed to keep the users mind in something and fresh always to run. It uses some vocabulary or maths to unlock the screen. It gives you simple maths or some alphabets to unlock else you can just quite the answer if you don’t know 12*12=? There won’t be any restriction to open the screen only using this brain question instead you can quite or go on to answer them. If you love doing something different all time then Semper will be best App for your device. If there are kids in your home, then give them your device to have fun unlocking it with these themes.

  • Bonus App – App Lock:

I have been using this App Lock from long times as it is very easy to use on any platform. App Lock app is a great application for the Android devices which has gained much popularity with its interface. Once you install this App, you will be asked to enter a four number code or pattern or fingerprint lock or simple slide lock to unlock your device. Once you save the app you will then be asked to enable the Apps from the menu to have the Lock Access. This App easily gets your device apps to get locked and will only open when you enter the code. It happens sometimes that we can give others our device to enable few apps, but can allow them to access our private apps. Such time App Lock will be a useful application for you, this App also ask you when you install any App from the store to device. I’m sure that you will like this App Lock app in your device and for sure can make it your favorite app.


So here we end our article with this limited list of lockscreen apps. I’m sure that you have selected one best app for your device will install it soon. At this situation the privacy and security of device is most important, so choose one from this list soon and get it launched in your device easily.

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