Fallout Shelter for PC : Download Fallout Shelter for Windows 7 8 10

Fallout Shelter for PC : You can well imagine the popularity of Fallout Shelter as a game by the fact that it became the number one application in the iOS app store within weeks of its release and earned $5.1 million within the first 15 days. While it still tops the charts, there have been several android users who had been waiting eagerly for the release of the game for android operating system. It is now finally available on Google Play Store.

We help you with the steps to install Fallout Shelter for PC and some tips and strategies to be a winner all the way.

Fallout Shelter for PC : Download Fallout Shelter for Windows 7 8 10

Fallout Shelter For PC

Getting started with Fallout Shelter :

You can easily find the game with the help of Bethesda.netlauncher. You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Create an account with Bethesda.net
  2. Log in
  3. Once you log into Bethesda.net, you will notice a small download icon, right next to your username on the top right. Click the download icon so you can begin the download and also the installation for Bethesda.netlauncher.
  4. Once the installation process of Bethesda.netlauncher is complete, you must sign into the launcher using the account information from Bethesda.net.
  5. You can now search, select and install Fallout Shelter from the sidebar.
  6. Once the process of installation is complete, click on play and enjoy!

Installing Fallout Shelter for PC :

We need to first download and install ipadian ios emulator for PC to be able to install Fallout Shelter for PC. The installation is similar to other software and can be completed within no time. It is compatible with both the operating systems-Windows and Mac.

fallout shelter for pc

Follow these steps to install Fallout Shelter on PC:

  1. Launch ipadian from the desktop.
  2. It will open in a maximized screen where you can also see its home page.
  3. On the home page, you will see App store, you need to click on it.
  4. Once you click, the app store will open in a new window where you can also see some other popular applications as well.
  5. Since Fallout shelter is a very popular game, it is easily visible on the home page of app store itself.
  6. One you see the icon of Fallout shelter, click on Free to download the game’s version for PC. Once the download is completed, it will be visible on the home page of ipadian.

Since the size of the file is quite large, it can take several minutes to download. So you need to be patient really before it downloads completely.

Finally, launch Fallout Shelter for PC and enjoy one of the most popular games on a large screen.

Tips to play Fallout Shelter on PC or Laptop

  • Adding rooms in the game

Essential rooms like water treatment room and power station room are to be essentially added. But an important thing to keep in mind is not to waste the dwellers at the cost of adding more rooms. When you add more rooms, you need more power and you will need to assign more dwellers to the power room. So remember to avoid wasting dwellers and play accordingly.

  • Learn more about Dweller skills

In the game, when the player needs to assign a job to the dweller, he should be dragged and dropped to a particular room. Before the dweller is dropped, a number appears on the screen that tells the productivity of the dweller in that specific area. When a low score appears on the screen, the dweller should not be added to that room but to another place where the score is high. Remember to add dwellers that are skillful to the power station since it is an important room.

  • Completing the maximum objects

The players must try and complete the maximum number of objects that can be found by tapping on the boy that is present on the bottom right screen. Every time an object is completed, the players are rewarded. Such rewards can be further used by them to buy things that help them finish their tasks quickly.

  • Increasing the number of dwellers

The dwellers that are not assigned any work can be shifted to the living quarters. These dwellers will then make babies that are shown in the form of smiley faces on the screen. After sometime their number also increases. Such dwellers can be used for various tasks in the future.

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