Download Towelroot for PC : Windows XP 7 8 10 & Mac

Towelroot for PC : Geohot has created a much useful rooting app for Android devices called Towelroot app. With this app it is simple , quick and easy to root devices like Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 Active, Verizon S5 and all Android devices that have been released before july 3rd 2014.

Download Towelroot for PC : Windows XP 7 8

In this article we will see how Towelroot can be used for Android devices. We will also see how can use it for PC.Before that we will have a learn more on android device rooting.

Why do we need to root our Android devices?

When you root your phone, you are basically hacking into the original system by entering and altering the constitutional settings your phone was first created with. It means ‘root access’ to the device. However it must be kept in mind that there is a limit to which you can carry out modifications , you can only change the settings which the manufacturer allows. But this advantage comes with a risk, this type of hacking into the system is not covered in warranty, you could destroy your phone if things go wrong and render the device completely useless!

There are many reason why people choose to root their phones. There is a dilemma within the Android users community and basically have been split into two teams- those who recommened or at least support the rooting of phones and devices while the other team warns against the dangers of rooting.

Here are a few reasons why people may choose to root their Android device :

  • Rooting gives the device user access to an array of amazing apps. You can have access to more number of apps and even use them for further uses than given in the description. Basically, the apps become more awesome.
  • Android users tired of late updates will be thankful, because simple rooting of the phone provides the latest updates. With rooting, the only thing you have to do is find the latest OS update and install it.
  • Rooting allows users to install customized software which many a times are built to work the system seamlessly and run on low power.
  • Let us also see why team 2 (that is the adversaries of rooting devices) warn us against rooting :
  • By rooting you lose security because you gain control over the system of the device. This is also the reason why you will lose applications which allow the weakening or blocking of unwanted, dangerous and possibly destructive software. Your file systems can be corrupted, deleted and personal data is at risk of being shared with unwanted individuals.
  • Since it is an unofficial and unwarrented practise, you can forget about your device warrenty if you are planning to root your device.It is not that all warranty claims will be denied because of rooting the device, but anything related to the software will suffer. for example it is possible that softbricking may occur on your device.
  • Rooting will cause another problem relating to system updates. A rooted phone will no longer recieve messaged for latest updates. Automatic update also will no longer be possible, neither will the updates be visible over WiFi. You will have to manually update to the latest version and this process will have to be repeated every time a new update is released.
  • Now that we have seen the pros and cons of rooting a device, the ones who are determined to root thier device can ahead with the rest of the article where rooting using Towelroot is further discussed.

How to download and use Towelroot ?

If you want to download Towelroot for your Android device it is very just have to follow the steps given below
If you want to use Towelroot to root PC, it is relatively uncommon as ‘rooting’ itself is related to android devices most of the time. But in some cases it is possible to use the same for a PC as well. If there is a virtual device present in your PC which functions exactly like an android device, then Towelroot can be used to root PC as well. Using Towelroot for rooting reqires the application to be available in a apk format.
You can download Towelroot v3 for PC or simply download towelroot apk file to computer and transfer it to mobile to get Android towel root download software to mobile.

Download Towelroot for PC : Windows XP 7 8

  • Go to device Settings and go to the list of applications available. Go to Security and click open ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • A message will be displayed to you which is basically informing you that other third party apps will be allowed to be downloaded into your device.
  • Now go to Google in your browser and type in Towelroot. com. Click on the first link that you will see – Towelroot by Geohot.
  • Here you will see the home page with a large logo given there. Long press on the icon which will then open a new link. You will find the Towelroot apk. You just have to open that.
  • Click on Install and accept the terms. You will most probably recieve a pop up which states something like ‘Installing this app may harm your device.’ Here you need to click on ‘I understand’ and proceed ahead.
    To root device using Towelroot-
  • After following the above given steps, you will see a pop up ‘App Installed’. Open the app and view the home page where ‘Towelroot v3’ will be written in bold letters.
  • Then click on the option ‘make it rain’. This command is the one which allows the rooting of the device to occur quickly and within minutes you will have a newly rooted device/virtual device in PC
  • After this you will recieve a message saying ‘You should have root, no reboot reqired’ which means that the process is finally complete!
  • Towelroot rooting can be done without rebooting the device to finish the rooting process.
    Using Towelroot is absolutely free of cost and the method is very simple to use. You can use this process on any of your android devices and the entire process will take only a few minutes.

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