Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error Guide

DNS Server Not Responding : Many a time we experience the DNS server error when we first try to open a website or launch the browser. There are many reasons which lead to DNS Server error not responding in your PC.

At times due to other technical issue DNS server can’t be connected to PC which leads to blockage of the website to use.  When this problem arises you can’t connect with the internet from your device. This is a basic issue which can be easily solved if you know little about the PC. Mainly due to IP setting we would receive this issue which must be solved by resetting the configuration.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error Guide


Also it is requested to proceed with the below given method to solve the issue if have any knowledge of it. Else you may do wrong setting which require a professional to resolve it. But not to worry as we have got you the step wise procedure to troubleshoot the DNS server issue. So just follow this steps and make sure you do don’t take any other steps other than this.

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Methods to Resolve DNS Server Error:

Here we got you three different methods in ascending order which need to perform. Mostly the method 1 resolve the issue if not you must go on with the serial number to troubleshoot DNS error.

  1. Router setting:

Many a times it has been experienced that if router place has been changed or the plug-in is in correct then we may receive the DNS server issue. So switch of your router and re-connt to current after 1 minute. Ypu must wait until all the lights on router are blown to open the browser. If this issue don’t reslve then go with below method.

2.TCP/IP setting Configure


Here is the steps which must be taken very carefully as we are going to reset the TCP/IP configuration settings.


  • Open the control panel and click on Networking and Internet
  • Here view Network status and Tasks and click on Change Adapter Settings
  • Now right click on Local Area Connection and then its Properties
  • Here select Internet Protocol Version 6 and Click on its properties
  • Obtain the IPv6 address automatically and DNS server address, then Click on OK
  • Now Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and select its properties
  • Again Obtain the IP address and then its DNS server Address automatically
  • Click on OK and your TCP/IP setting have been changed successfully
  1. Ipconfig Command:

If your DNS server issue hasn’t got solved by changing the setting of TCP/IP then you must go on with the Ipconfig commands. Here we have got you few command tools that will connect your device with DNS server without any error.

  1. Click Start and open the Command Prompt from Run box
  2. Now click to run as administration and then type the below given commands
  3. Make sure you press enter button after typing each command

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

This are the DNS Server troubleshoot method which will let your device connect with internet easily. Any of this method will surely resolve the issue and connect your PC to DNS.

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