Color Switch for PC: Download Color Switch for Laptop windows,Mac

Color Switch for PC : There are lots of games and applications for our devices whether it is for our smart phones or our computers. These games can be challenging as well as brain teasing and addictive. We all play games to entertain ourselves some play it for life and want to give their all.Today I will talk about such game which is very interesting to play and can be very addictive to you. The name of the Game is Color Switch.

Download Color Switch for PC,Laptop on windows XP 7 8 :

There are lots of interesting games available for Android, ios and windows. These games are famous amongst youngster even some adults also like to play games once in a while. There is always a game which goes viral and goes very popular instantly. Such games cracks into the addiction bubble of the players. Like candy Crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, flappy bird etc these were the most popular games in past years. Now Colors Switch is one of those games which the users will play for years.

Color switch is a very addictive, interesting, brain teasing and tricky game in which you have to focus on the various colors confined in the screen and carry a small ball through various obstacles. Colors Switch is one of the most famous arcade game found in both Android and ios store.

color switch for pc laptop

color switch for pc laptop


Colors switch is basically a color tile based puzzle where you need to carry a ball through various colored advancing geometric figures without eliminating yourself so you have to be very cautious. As you score higher the frequency of different colors in a single obstacle increases and will change quickly. The Ball can pass through the portion of only those obstacles which matches it colors. To make it more challenging and difficult the ball will change its colors after you pass every advancing geometric obstacle.

You will have to advance promptly to unlock new items and features. As you advance through different obstacles you will go through a part of moving items and then take your place before proceeding. There are lots of colored patterns on each obstacle and you have to progress through these obstacles. Tapping a tile will changes its color so that you can pass the ball through the color patterns. Tap the tile and it will change from Black to white or Dark to light or vice versa. The player must keep switching tiles in order to progress the game without eliminating and to get higher score.

download color switch for pc laptop

download color switch for pc laptop

The game is very direct with simple rules which is hard and at the same time very interesting. If you think the game is easy which you like wouldn’t then you can increase the difficulty by changing the size of the board. The board can change from 3×3 to 30×30. The stats get tracked easily so you have to pay attention and concentrate more to progress in the Game. There are six colors which the person can choose from one of them. With each step you take the color pattern should match otherwise you will get eliminated and you will have start the game from the beginning. This amazing is very pleasing to play and will keep you stick to itself for hours.

Features of colors Switch

  1. Interesting, tricky and addictive game
  2. A lot of focus is needed to get high score and to progress further in the game.
  3. Improve the ability to act faster in you.
  4. Increase the sharpness of your brain and to differentiate different colors.
  5. Stunning graphics, visuals and intelligent obstruction.
  6. Stunning environmental music.
  7. Creates the adrenalin to compete with your friends and to score higher than them.
  8. Free to download.


Colors switch is officially available for Android and ios platform. This game was released and developed by Fortafy Games for Android Platform and soon they made it available for ios users also. Color Switch is downloaded by over 50,000,000 people. This game is also very high rated amazing and thrilling game.

Although it is official available for only Android and ios devices, you can install and run color switch on your Windows and Mac PC also. Color switch can be downloaded and install easily in both Android and ios through Play store and app store respectively. But in case of PC you have to use different method to run color switch for your windows and Mac. Color switch is compatible in windows7/8/8.1/10 and Mac.

So you have to download an Android Emulator which you will use to run color switch on your Windows PC and Mac PC. 

How to download Bluestacks Emulator ?

  1. Using your PC open your browser (Google Chrome or safari for Mac) type “Bluestack Emulator” and search for it.
  2. After getting what you’ve searched for, go to the legal and safest site to download bluestack.
  3. Start Download bluestack and wait for some time
  4. After downloading Bluestack go to downloads on your PC and start installing Bluesatack.
  5. The installation process will take 5-10 minutes
  6. After installing Bluesatck emulator, open bluestack and you will be asked to log in to your Google account.
  7. These log in process can take a few minutes
  8. After successfully log in you can start using Bluestack emulator.

Now that you have Bluestack Emulator  you can now also install Color switch on your Windows/Mac PC using Bluestack Emulator.

How to Download Color switch for PC ?

  1. Open Bluestack and search Color switch on the search Bar.
  2. Click on Color switch and start downloading Color Switch on Bluestack Emulator.
  3. It will take just a few minutes to download Color Switch
  4. That’s it you can find Color switch on your Bluestack Homescreen and start Playing it.


So that was the Guide to Download and install Color switch for your Windows/Mac PC. You can now play Color Switch on a comparatively bigger screen. Start breaking the high score in Color switch.


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