Clean Master APK download for Android phones

Clean Master APK download for Android phones is a very smart cleaner app that will help you to get rid of the junk files, slow processing and heat up issues of the smartphone. This app will analyze each and every function running on your phone and will give you the accurate details. Once you have seen the Junk files, or frequent running background apps then you can immediately clean them all with a single click. Due to its simplicity and accurate detection, Clean Master is now one of the top Android phone assistance for cleaning and boosting the phone performance.


Besides, you can also unlock so many useful features/functions like Advance cleaning, App manager, Antivirus, Junk cleaner, CPU booster, memory booster and also device cooler. All the features can easily be handled with this single smart app. So if you don’t have one and your phone is always showing multiple issues then you should download the app now.

How to download Clean Master APK Download for Android?

Clean master is actually comes preinstalled in most of the new Android phones. But if you don’t have it on your phone, then you can also download and install easily using the Clean Master APK file. It is free to download and you can download the latest version on your Android version Lollipop and beyond.

clean master apk download for android


But if you have to download the APK file you must first some changes on your device settings. Your device will not allow you to download any APK file when you don’t customize your phone security setting.

Process to make Changes are-

  • Go to your Device Setting
  • Click on Security
  • Next enter into the Device Administration 
  • Finally, switch on Unknown Source.

Now this will allow your device to accept and install any APK file.

Process to Download Clean Master APK-

  • After the changes, to download the Clean Master APK click on the button below


  • Now this will automatically download the APK on your phone.
  • Click on the downloaded APK to install the clean master app. Follow and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, your app is installed and you can start cleaning your phone now.

Important Note: Make sure your download the latest version of the Clean Master app, to enjoy all the latest & advanced features.

How to Use Clean Master

Clean master is a multitasker, that comes with the best Android phone solution to protect, clean and also handle your phone safely. There are four most important Functions of this app, that will help you to manage your phone automatically. So now start handling your Android phone by following functions and process to use clean master app.

  1. Clean Junk File- Your device or Android phone can hold so much of Junk files as you use many apps or games. This junk files should be clean frequently, as they can consume much space of your phone, make the processes slow and heat up your phone. Well, with the help of Clean master only with the one click, you can easily analyze and safely remove all the junk files and free some storage space on your phone.
  2. Phone Booster- Downloading many apps/games and often playing or running them can slow down your phone badly. This is due to the bug generated by the apps or game which you are currently using. And thus it will hold up much storage space and then heat up your phone. But with the help of Phone booster, you can now easily manage and boost your phone performance instantly.
  3. Antivirus- There are many viruses, trojans, spyware running freely on the internet and are also affecting widely all over the world. So, Clean Master also have a solution for that which will help you to check the most vulnerable system on your phone and will detect. Finally, you can easily delete or remove all of them manually to stay protected and use the internet freely.
  4. Battery Saver- Android phone’s biggest disadvantage is whenever the internet data is switched on, all the app will automatically operate in the background. This is, in fact, the worse thing, that will also drain down all the battery or power of your phone. And ultimately, your battery life does not last any longer. So, here is the solution for an unnecessary app running in the background. With its single-click, you can put all the apps to hibernate and save power.

Important Features of Clean Master

When you update for the new version, you will get the best of its features that will help you to clean or boost your phone efficiently. There are some of the tasks that you should also manually check so that you do not delete your important files. So for avoiding such intense mistakes, you are also provided with awesome manually-operated features.

  • Ignore List- Whenever you clean or boost your phone you automatically delete all the files. But sometimes, when you don’t make the clean with proper check it can also remove your important files permanently. So with the help of Ignore-list, you can choose those apps or file which the Clean master will ignore and will not clean from that app. Just click on the option and select the preferred app then click Ignore List. 

  • One-Tap Boost- There is also a widget which will allow you to run the app automatically without even opening the Clean Master App. Just add the widget to your home screen and with a single touch, you can instantly clean and free up some of your RAM.

  • Auto Cleaning- When your phone often gets slower and stores huge junk files then you should frequently clean them. With the help of Clean Master, you can also set into autocleaning by which you can provide specific date and time that would remind you to clean your phone.

  • Caution- Before deleting any apps or cleaning files you will get cautions which will confirm if you have to delete the selected file or not. And in case if you have mistakenly selected the important app or file then you can easily deselect the file before deleting it.

  • App Manager- You can also see all the app files like- APK, which you can manage which are installed or downloaded apk. You can also remove or disable the apps using Clean Master that will help you free some more space on your device.


With the help of Clean Master app, you can perform multiple tasks. So, here are the complete tutorials for Clean Master APK Download for Android phones. Well, Clean Master is a must have mobile application if you wish to keep your phone healthy and well and last for longer time. While the automated cleaning functions comes with advanced technology so you are totally safe to use it on your Android phone.

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