Cancel Pandora One subscription for Android & iPhone

Cancel Pandora One subscription: To cancel the Pandora One you must note that through which way you have purchased or subscribed the Pandora One. Open your Pandora One account and go to billing section, here find out from which Vendor you’re being charged. After knowing that proceed with respective procedure and cancel Pandora One subscription.


The above method can also be used for cancelling your trial subscription of Pandora One through iPhone or Android device as well.

  1. Cancel Pandora One From Pandora Website:

If your billing shows as you have buy the Pandora One from officials website of Pandora One then this are steps to cancel your subscription.


  • First login to Pandora One account using its Login detail from PC browser
  • Right click on your Name from top corner and Select the settings option
  • Here view the Billing on left side of screen and Select the cancel Subscription button
  • Confirm the Cancel subscription by entering your password
  • Save the changes made and that’s it! Your Pandora One subscription is cancelled successfully


  1. Cancel Pandora One From iTunes:

If you have subscribed to Pandora One from iTunes using iOS device then this are steps to cancel it.

  • Get connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data to your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod
  • Open the App store and tap on featured option and wait
  • Go down and Tap to View your Apple ID and enter the Password
  • Click Ok and go to account setting screen and Select Subscription page
  • Tap on Manage and again tap on Pandora One
  • Select to un-subscribe the Pandora One and then click on Done button
  1. Cancel Pandora One From Google Play Store:

If your billing is shown as your subscription is done using Google play store then you must don this using an Android mobile. Follow our steps and we will get you unsubscribe successfully.

  • Open your device browser and visit
  • Click on menu icon and select Bills & Account from the list of options
  • Here select the Pandora One and from it to Manage Subscription
  • Here Click on to Cancel the Pandora One Subscription
  • Go with instruction to confirm the cancellation of Pandora One Subscription
  1. Cancel Pandora One from Amazon:

If your boiling information is showing that you have subscribed using the Amazon then this are the steps to be followed to cancel it. Also there are two methods as Amazon can be used from Android and kindle Fire devices.

Cancel Pandora One from Amazon through Android device:

  • Open the Amazon App Store in your Android device
  • Go to Menu and select the Subscription option from list displayed
  • Click on My Subscription Screen, select Pandora One Subscription
  • Here turn the Auto renewal Off and your done

Cancel Pandora One from Amazon through Amazon Kindle Fire:

  • Go to Apps from your Kindle fire device and select store
  • Here Click On My Subscriptions and select the Pandora One from list
  • Here turn off the Renewal Subscription to cancel the subscription

These are the following respective method that will help you to UN-subscribe from Pandora One. If you face any difficulty from any procedure, then visit the respective support center to resolve the issue.[kkstarratings]

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