Bhim App download for Android Apk & iPhone : iOS 10 Devices

Bhim App download for Android & iPhone : Prime Minister recently launched an app named Bhim will be available on iOS as well as Android and is considered as a big push in the digital economy. The application named as BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money will be a Paytm like application which will be used by the citizen to carry out a digital transaction.

BHIM which stands for Bharat Interface for Money is an initiative which can provide cashless payments with the help of your mobile phones. The application can be used to make transactions with the support of UPI or Unified Payment Protocol applications. It can also get you money in your bank accounts without any major hassle. The application can fund by the government of India and is developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Bhim App download for Android & iPhone :

BHIM App download for android

Working of the application is very simple, and it uses a very simple and basic interface. You will need to download the app from the Playstore and then install it on your mobile phones. One can also download the application from the government links. Once the application is downloaded into your devices, you will need to register your bank account with the application. After which it will ask you to set up a UPI PIN for the bank account. If you already have a UPI Pin, then all you have to do it put in the PIN code and you are set to go.

Sending and Receiving Money with the application

The best thing about the application has been the simplicity with which it has been created. The interface of the application is very simple and can complete all the necessary transactions. For the purpose of sending money to anyone, one has to add the mobile number of the person to who they wish to send money. If the individual is not having a UPI supported application than money can be sent to their banks with the help of IFSC and MMID. There is also a provision to request for the money which can be done with by seeking the amount that you want.

Along with sending and receiving money, one can also check the balance and look for transaction details. You are also able to create a custom payment address along with your phone number. For this purpose, you can scan the OR code so that there is a faster entry of the payment address.

Linking of Banks account

The only drawback of the application is that you are only allowed to link only one bank account with the application. This can be a big problem for few who are using two or more accounts for the purpose of transaction of money. When you are setting up the account, the application will ask yours for bank account which then becomes your default bank account for the purpose of carrying out transactions. The application though allows you to switch the bank account and make that one as your default account.

There are no additional charges for using BHIM application, though your banks can ask you for some nominal charge for the purpose of IMPS transactions.

How to download Bhim App for Android :

Here’s a step by step guide to download bhim app for android phones. Follow the below instructions to install bhim app and learn how to use the same.

  1. Click on this link to download bhim app on android phones. After downloading the app,click on open as shown below. open bhim app
  2. Once you are done with installation click on next as shown in the below Screenshot
  3. You will be redirected  to a page where the bhim app asks your permission to access click on “Lets get started” as shown below Lets get started
  4. Now you need to verify your mobile number. Remember you need to verify with the mobile number linked to your bank account, Your number will be verified automatically {Yes thats a new android  feature} the same is shown in  the below picture.  verify mobile number
  5. You will be asked to Setup a 4 digit PIN or passcode, You’ve to remember this PIN as the same will be asked in future transactions. You need to re-enter the PIN just to confirm as shown below. Even if your forgot bhim app password you can reset it don’t worry.Bhim app pin setup
  6. You will be shown a list of banks that Bhim App Supports, select your bank from there as shown below. Select your bank
  7.   Once you have selected your bank, now you need to Enter Last 6 Digits on your Debit Card/ ATM Card Number & Expirt Month/year as shown below. Enter Debit card details
  8. After Successful Signup you will get a confirmation message from BHIM App and you will be redirected to Transfer Money Page as shown below. Transfer money from bhim app
  9. That’s it now you send,request money or even pay your bills by clicking on respective buttons shown above.

Bhim has already been download over 3 million times on playstore.

Update 1 [Jan 3rd 2017] :

Bhim has been downloaded on playstore over 5 million times

Bhim App download

Bhim App for iPhone 5 6 7 Plus & iOS :

Currently Bhim for iphone & iOS devices is not available. But we have an official confirmation that bhim app for iOS will be available in 10 days. So get ready iphone users Bhim app will be available in Appstore from January 12th 2017.

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