Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2016

Best Lock Screen App for Android : Best Screen Lock Apps are most popular in the Google Play store for their better features and surface. As many users want to get their device secure form others and don’t want to share mostly. To do so we are required to install a Lock Screen App in the device. There are many Application in the Google play store which serves as a best Lock Screen and also provide a free interface.

There are few Lock Screen that only lock you screen but they won’t let you check the notification or do any settings. But in this article we got you the Lock Screen Apps which protect your device from other poking it and also provide notifications on screen. You may find hundreds of Lock Screen in the store but all of them don’t provide you the features like this Apps.

Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2016

Many Android users says that their friends and other instantly take their mobile to check their picture or use apps. Also few take mobiles to make a call and will keep on going till

best screen locker for android 2016

best screen locker for android 2016

the balance ends. To avoid all this situation from anyone using your mobiles then only reason is getting screen locked. There are apps which hide and lock the Apps but will allow others to open and use other apps. So instead doing that it is better to lock the full device by getting a Screen Lock and that will only allow you to use. As android is wide platform which has many free and paid apps that are designed to give their best. It is also found that few Lock Screen apps take the picture from the front camera of those who are trying to open the lock. Using such apps for your Android device will protect from unknown threats and will also give let you know how is using the.

best screen lock for androidbest screen lock for android


AcDisplay is comes first when we talk for Android lock Screen Apps. It is well known for its feature and customized home screen. At present AcDisplay is undisputed Application among entire Lock Screen Apps available in play store. It display the notification on the lock screen and will notify instantly. It has got the darken background which will help you to utilize the device battery. The features with which AcDisplay is designed is low priority notification settings, background settings, A list of Apps to send the notification to Lock Screen, Also it will come with Active Mode which will predict when every your pick your Device.

Dashclock Widget:

Dashclock Widget is not basically an App Lock Screen, but it can be used to as widget for Home Screen. This Widget can be used on your Android home screen to receive weather, notification, Time, Virtual ton and other sort of notifications. For some users it happens sometime that Lock Screen they won’t feel comfortable with the Lock Screen. At such conditions Dashclock Widget will help you and let you experience a same platform. As this widget is found for free so you can try this by downloading from Google Play Store.

Echo Notifications Lock screen:

As every Lock Screen are designed to create a notification bar that will notifies user without going in. Echo Notifications Lock screen gives you minimal experience of the notifications, security settings and smart alerts, more. It give you option to create a group of notifications like work, social, media and etc. Also few apps can be customized using it features to receive the notification on screen. Echo Notifications Lock screen pro version is available for free and to upgrade the App you need to purchase it. It has great user friendly screen which give you great performance.

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock:

This Lock screen is a combo of Lock screen app and a security app. As many users find that their mobile is being used by someone even if they have locked the screen. So at this time the only best app to get installed is Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock. It will let you know if someone have tried entering the wrong password and also if someone tried to open your lock screen. Also it will let everyone around the mobile know that someone has just tried to unlock and failed. It is designed with great platform but it may be keep up with latest running Apps. But Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is better app if you chose to secure your device fully.

Go Locker:

Here we come with one more best Lock Screen App which is Go Locker App. It has over millions of downloads that made it popular for Android devices. You will get huge number of themes that can plenty of unique ones, mimic the device, Gives shortcuts apps on lock screen. Go Locker also allow you to read messages from the lock screen and give you great platform. This app can be downloaded for free and to get all its features you need to buy $14.99 from the Google Play Store.

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