5 Best Flashlight Apps For Android OS Smartphones 2017

Best Flashlight Apps In the present day life we often use mobile a lot and that to the large screen Smartphone’s.  This device has got great flash light for their camera features which can be used as a flashlight. This camera flash turns into flash to bring light in the dark or even in emergency.


5 Best Flashlight Apps For Android OS 2016 Reviews

It was the time when we used to have the torch to use in dark, but from the times we got Smartphone we only use the camera flash as a torch. Every device has got its flashlight option in the notification bar or setting which then can be used. But the device features will not be helpful more has it has only few tools. So we have got the Flashlight apps for your Android and iOS smart phones which when installed give you lot of features as desired.

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Why To Use Flashlight Apps For Android?

Few even provide you Morse code that can be used when you’re alone at far place. The Flashlight app also includes the disco setting and multiple colors light. It will make us to play with this and also enjoy when even when current is gone. This App is useful in both the aspects of providing the light and enjoyment. So below are few top Flashlight App listed, have a look at them to find a better one for your device.

Best Flashlight Apps For Android OS Smartphones 2017

  • Color Flashlight:

Color Flashlight is among the most used Flashlight application for any Smartphone’s or tablet. This is popular since the features it has integrated with it are really awesome. Start the LED flash of your phone, make it dim or brighten various colors, sizes, pointed flash, shapes and different patterns. It contains different stuff which can be used when you need a flash light or just for fun. It is often that we drop in dark places where we can always take the torch light, so being the Color Flashlight in our mobiles will help in most situations.  Also you can add this icon on screen to get the fast access while in emergency.

  • Flashlight:

Flashlight is an application which is developed by the Mobile App Inc. it is great design and decent interface to use on. Flashlight has built in SOS signal which will be used with a slider to strobe in different patterns. It has also added compass in its settings that let you check the compass while you’re having Flashlight on. It most helps for the travelers as they need not to look at phone for flash and compass different, so using such a combo apps is great deal. As it is for free in the App Store there won’t be many issues to install Flashlight App. It sometimes happens that your device light may not get the well, but this App will be dark light which even can consume your battery fully.Do check out : Best Scanner Apps & Widgets for Android Mobile Phones 2017

  • Flashlight HD LED:

here comes a Flashlight app which starts with same name as does the before one. This App utilizes your home screen and LED flash to get the Flashlight. You will be given a widget to control the home screen and the Flashlight from LED is a usual thing. If you don’t require the large light form LED flash, then use your screen as Flashlight. This app is so flexible that it give you option to optimize the setting as require. It even gives you light in different colors and also adds few interesting features. This app will show the battery percent on screen which will say the time until this App can work. At last the HD means it gives you a brighten light compared to other normal Flashlight.

  • Flashlight Mega Flashlight:

Flashlight Mega Flashlight is one more App that uses both the LED flash and device screen as Flashlight. Just use different option to strobe your device in different patterns for fun or when on emergencies. The best part is if you know about Morse device then this App is designed to get Morse code light too. This is very simple and easy to use application. As it names say mega it give a bright light if your device up to the support of your device LED flash. Different patterns and size of light can be used using your LED flash or even your device screen. Get this app downloaded in your device from App store and install it to get the Mega Flashlight.

  • Privacy Flashlight:

This privacy Flashlight is developed by the SnoopWall which has developed by much concentration on privacy. It is real that Flashlight can be used as for privacy as the company is designed it. There are different features which this app gives which can read from its app description. Privacy Flashlight is found for free form any App store to iOS or Android devices. You can read its all privacy details from the office store while you get ready to install it. It also brings a widget on screen that let you minimize or full screen its timeline of device screen.

  • Bonus App – TeslaLED Flashlight:

We have seen many Flashlight apps which come with different names, but the one which can be trusted is TeslaLED flashlight. It was developed by the widget locker app developers and the Nova launcher App. The design and the interface of this App are so simple and will get you a clean widget on screen. The widget of this App can be also be themed by you personally and can also add your bare-bones list. This App has added the features Morse code and storbing. The app was released very long time ago so the lots of present day features were not added. But it will be great to use and will give you bright flashlight on screen.


If your device flash is great, then you can choose any of the above shown apps. This app provides you entire features which have been discussed and also consume less battery when compared to device flashlight tool.  It will be fun to use the Morse code and other if you’re on a camp. So make use of entire tools this apps provide to have better Flashlight.

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