Best Camera Apps For Android 2017 : Add Effects to your Photos

Best Camera Apps For Android : We all love to take selfies and pictures with our Android Smartphones which is really fun to do task. I guess every one reading this app might have taken a few pictures or selfies with their Android devices as well. But have you thought of upgrading your Android stock Camera app?

Well the upgrade can only come in the form of Android OS update which comes once a while and that takes too long. Till the time you get new upgrade you have to stick with the old stock android camera which is a nightmare.


Best Camera Apps For Android

But have you thought about downloading an additional Camera App for your Android Smartphone that would make your work of taking pictures much easier. In fact by installing new apps you get not just a picture taking camera app but more of an advanced version of camera app.

These new camera apps for Android comes with different and amazing features that would make you go woo. I guess you’ve tried Instagram filters and frames well, such features are a little of these camera apps to be precise. You not only get new UI design but the power of take better selfies and pictures is what we get.

All the new Android Camera apps can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store. I have listed out 5  best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones that you would love to use.

Camera Apps Better than Default Android Camera?

In fact there are some camera apps for Android that are more than useful and effective than the default Android camera app. So, you might be wondering about why I am really advising you to turn down your default app and use the ones below. I got few reasons why you should try the ones I list below.

  • They have better camera settings and features
  • You get better filters with tons of new effects
  • There are different frames available with new apps
  • They can be downloaded for free from Play Store
  • Pro version with better features can be downloaded as well
  • If you dislike any of them just uninstall with a click
  • Better and new UI design, which gets rid of old boring Android UI

Camera Apps:

ProShot is one of the prefer camera apps that is due to its attractive and slim design. The grids integrated in it help us to have pointed things to capture. It give you options to let you find that your shooting straight  which is On screen level and other is manual control. Auto focus, exposure, ISO, while and contrast balance are few added feature here. The interior of ProShot Camera will get you the shutter speeds and display ISO of picture that were captured by you.  It is found for free but to get the Pro version you need to pay $5 to the store.

Download Proshot from here

Camera FV-5:

FV-5 is quite a different interface of camera that got histograms, grid added in its menu. This option along with others can be selected if you only desire to choose them or they will be invisible on screen. Light metering feature, Levels, White Balance, ISO are few feature that can be found in FV-5 Camera. Use the Exposure bracketing option to get multiple captures in quick secession with different exposure values. It get you high quality when compared with the ProShot camera and also less in price too.

Get Camera FV-5 from Google Playstore

Google Camera:

As we already know that Google is a huge platform which will defiantly get its services in any lane. So Google has its own Camera App which has all features that you can expect in other normal Apps. It has panorama modes, Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and other unique features. Get the 360 degree photo and wide capture using the features it added. There are frequent crashes in the App but it hasn’t affected usage of this App from other users. Just adjust with few difficulties and Google Camera will you best capture which is worthy.

Install Google Camera for Android from here

A Better Camera:

As the name says it is always been a Better camera for the Smartphone users. A Better Camera has all normal features and few extra as like best shot to get the photos in successions, least blurred to focus on certain object. Use Real Time HDR option to record the videos which are really absent in other cameras.  A Better Camera won’t charge you a lot and will for sure satisfy the users. It has slide out grid gesture which can’t be seen in any normal camera apps. Get auto focus, white balancing, contrast and brightness control option to use on.

Get A Better Camera from here

Candy Camera:

Every camera pp we listed above are suitable for perfect picturing and selfies but not every one of them are as efficient as Candy Camera. Candy Camera is a more of a photo editing app that makes the most of the photos you click. So the best part is that you can turn your photos and selfies with different filters and make them look glossy. Normal camera apps aren’t as good at providing better filters, like Candy Camera does. It has tons of new filters, frames and sharing options that will definitely make you love it.

Download Candy Camera from PlayStore


Camera 360 Ultimate:

I guess this app need to be mentioned to be top of the list, as Camera 360 is now a popular cameras app in android, iOS devices. There are lens filter algorithms in this App which get applied on captured pictures. Capture a picture and in seconds Camera 360 will do its work to make the picture look more beautiful. There are lot of affects, grids, filter and many for the users. Entire setting appears on screen, which means you can adjust or use all the Camera 360 Ultimate setting from single screen. Getting all controls on one screen has made the Camera 360 a popular camera app

Install Camera 360 Ultimate app for your device from here


Thank you for reading this wonderful guide about Best Camera Apps for Android 2016, I hope that you will like and love to use one the above apps. These camera apps are really worth trying to take better pictures and selfies with your Android device.

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