Best Free Calling Apps For Android Phones in 2017

Best Free Calling Apps 2017 : When you say calling, this is the only main reason which declines the bank balance and can even make bankrupt in some cases. We have got few platforms that let us communicate us to far places and also around the world corners. But at the same time when these platforms are giving you connectivity to large extent, they charge you in the same way.

The large you connect the large will be the bill to pay. So considering all this we are now going to look at few awesome Android Apps for Calling. These calling Apps were developed by the Android developers which let us communicate anywhere with no call cost. Yes you heard correct my friend you won’t be charged any to make a call, instead you must get the respective app installed. Also in this trendy world, we daily use Social site and internet with any minimum data balance or Wi-Fi.

5 Best Calling Apps For Android 2017 – Reviews

This Calling Apps won’t even use a lot of your data balance and get you connected to anyone. Suppose your friend has the Facebook Messenger which has recently added the calling feature, then you can text them and then get on voice call with same internet data. There will be no more charges applied here. So below are 5 Best Calling Apps, of which you can choose any to be in your android device.

best free calling apps

Best Calling Apps For Android OS

  • Facebook Messenger:

I guess we will start our guide on calling apps from most known Facebook social network. This social media network has recently added the calling features to its Messenger App. those how have got the Messenger installed in their Android or iOS Smartphone devices; they can use this newly added feature. As Facebook is a most used social platform by millions of users, it is very easy to call anyone when connected to internet. It even allows you to continue call at low data connection and will keep you a reminder if you have missed a call ever. To get a Call from this App both users must be Online else it just sends a missed notification to other user. As all your friends use Facebook and they got Smartphone’s, so this might be a great calling app for you.

  • Line Messenger:

Here comes a popular messaging application which has current over 400 million users worldwide. It has lot of features from which one is making free phone calls. Call to other Line users for free and have a conversation which won’t cost any amount from your normal balance. Also you can call to user who doesn’t have Line Messenger installed but there is a little subscription amount to be paid. It is most popular for its features which you can experience while have a clean voice call. As Line has its apps in iOS, PC, Windows Phone and Mac it make you easy to connect to other users who don’t use android OS. So, I would add this app as one of the finest calling apps for Android platform this year.

  • Kakao Talk:

As like other calling apps, Kakao is a popular text and call application for Smartphone’s. It is common that everyone got Smartphone in their hands, so let use the Apps like Kakao Talk to reduce your calling cost. Yes you heard right this app will allow you to make a call for free while just connecting to a normal 2G connection. The only condition here can be applied, is users who wish to have a call for free from Kakao Talk app must have it installed in there. The only condition of Kakao Talk is that you must get its app installed in your Smartphone or PC, which are Irrespective of platform these app connect you to all devices.

  • Nimbuzz:

Nimbuzz is been in the list of apps from very longtime and is trusted by most people. Even being an older App it has very good features which can be hardly found in new launched Apps. Nimbuzz is said to have the great voice clarity while making call to other Nimbuzz users. It only allows you to get the call connected to only Nimbuzz users free of cost. Rather than this there are stickers, text chat, group chat, group calling and more features to enjoy the service. Enjoy the free calling with better HD calling service when compared to other apps.

  • Google Hangouts:

There is a Google service which let you have calls for free at low speed. Google Hangouts is the service which allows you to get connected to other Google Hangout users free of charge. It first had only tool to send the messages but letter introduced this calling service too. This App was launched by Google Inc. to give an answer to the Skype. This service can be used if you have got Gmail Account. It is great for private calls so go on with this service by getting it installed from Google Play Store.

  • Bonus App: Tango

Tango is an awesome and top used free Calling App for the Android devices since long time. This app was released for the Android devices first and later got into iOS, Kindle, BB and other OS. The calls and messages quality through Tango are very great. Tango also support free video calls with good quality in video to other Tango users. There are more than 70 million active users of Tango around the world who daily get in contact using this platform. The only thing Tango requires is, it need both the users get connected to Wi-Fi or good mobile data and also Tango App in both the device. So go with this App to experience great and smooth calling features absolutely for free of cost.


At the end I only want to say that as the expenses are increasing a lot, using this app is a great deal. As this App won’t cost you more, the data plan which you get on monthly basic will be used by this app. the best apart is wont should recharge the calling balance and data balance differently, as all your work is being done using the data only. So go with any best app and enjoy the calling service.

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