Aptoide APK Download for Android [LATEST VERSION]

Aptoide APK is an Android application setup file which will install the Aptoide application on your Android phone. Aptoide is an Android app store for your Smartphones or tablets. Download the latest Aptoide APK and install the Aptoide app on your Android phone.

Aptoide can be considered as the best alternative to popular Google Play Store and here you get almost all the Android apps which are freely available. In Aptoide, users not only just download and install Android apps and games, but also they can create and manage their own app store. That’s the specialty of Aptoide store. Basically, Aptoide is the largest online marketplace for Android apps. Unlike Google play store, Aptoide is not a centralized store, rather it’s an independent online store for Android apps.

aptoide apk download

Many Android users think that Google play store is the only online store for Android apps and they have a belief that, apps from other than Google paly store might not be the appropriate one and risky too. So, we think this post will be the best way to rectify their false belief and introduce themselves with one of the largest Android app store i.e. Aptoide. Also, there are many other Android app stores are available, but Aptoide store will be the best and the perfect alternative option for all your Android applications.

Aptoide APK – Best place for Android apps and games:

For the Android users, now you have the best alternative option for Google play store. And that’s Aptoide. Download Aptoide APK from here and install it on your Android devices. There might be some apps or games, which you can’t find or which are not available on Google play store. But, on Aptoide store, it might possible that you will get all your favorite games and Android applications. Moreover, Aptoide store has the largest collection of all the Android apps and games and that too are available for free.  It’s an independent market store for Android apps where millions of people have already downloaded the apps or games what they want.

Aptoide APK has made it very simple and easy to their users to download and install the Aptoide app on their phone. And also, from Aptoide store, Android users can get anything i.e apps, games, Softwares they want. Initially, Aptoide was launched in 2009 with the hope to develop the marketplace of Android applications. Also, you can use the Aptoide APK file on your PC. And for this purpose, you will need an Android emulator software.

Aptoide is the Android platform which creates a link between the Android phone on which it installed and the server of the different app store that the users have on its website. anyone can create their own Android app store with Aptoide and for that purpose, they need to register themselves on the official Aptoide website. The app is totally free to download and you can easily install it on your Android smartphone and also on your windows PC too.

Aptoide store – Your Personal app store:

Aptoide is the Android store which you can be used as your personal Android store. You can create your account there, upload your Softwares and apps, games which you used or liked most. Also, add your favorite games to the store. You are free to constantly add any app here on Aptoide. Moreover, after log into your account you can share your apps and games or Softwares with your friends via social networking sites like Facebook and invite them to like your collection of apps and games and also you can recommend them to use your best apps.

Aptoide Repos:   Aptoide Repos are an integral part of it. They are the repository or a store on Aptoid, through which you can download and install any app you wish. Repos are the best part of Aptoide and they need to be updated regularly. And here, we will give you the updated version of Aptoide Repos, whenever a new update is available. So, you need to keep visit our website.

Aptoide APK – Unique Features:

Aptoide is the ideal place for Android Apps and it is the best option to you as a Google play store alternative. Here are the features of Aptoide app.

  • One of the best online marketplaces for almost all the Android apps, games, and Softwares.
  • You will get the best Android apps from here and most of them are freely available.
  • Multiple app stores are there. Choose your app from any of the stores.
  • Aptoide is free for all the peoples around the world.
  • They have a huge database of Android apps and games.
  • Also, it serves as your personal app store. You can manage it any way you like.
  • You will be notified whenever updates of applications and games are available.
  • The app supports multiple languages.
  • It is very easy and simple to use. Simple UI.
  • The APK file is very small in size.

aptoide apk download

Download Aptoide APK (official):

Aptoide APK is not available on Google play store, although, earlier it was available. But, now the file has been removed from the store by Google.

  • Download Aptoide Apk from the button below
  • Before this this, you have to enable ‘unknown source’ option on your Android phone. It will let your device download the APK file from a third party website other than the Google play  store. So, to enable it, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Source. Now download the file.


  • Once the download finishes you need to install aptoide on your device
  •  click on the APK file and tap on ‘next’ and follow the onscreen instructions. And then tap on ‘install’ button and wait untill the process gets completed. And then open the Aptoide app and look for your favorite apps and games.


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