Airdroid APK Download for Android Device – [V4.1.2.1] Latest Version!

Airdroid APK: Airdroid is a fascinating application for your Android devices that gives you the access to take a total control of your Android device using your PC internet browser. In this manner, you will be able to arrange and take care of your entire device contents, which is in a way more easy to handle with the use of its smooth interface. The most interesting features of the application are that it allows you to send text messages from your device using your internet browser at any moment. Here we will give your details information on Android APK Download V4.1.2.1 For Android Device.

Airdroid APK Download for Android – Latest Version!

Experience all the fun on your computer on a bigger screen, whatever the things that you have done before in your Smartphone. Android App gives you the best experience of using your Android phone that you have never felt before. Just like you send text messages or browse files on your phone, the same way it works and very smooth in its function while accessing your phone functions in your PC with Airdroid.

Features of Airdroid APK:

Airdroid is the best application tool that suits the best to control your device. Check out some of the impressive features that Airdroid App has to offer to its users.

  • You can delight your multi-screen life with AirDroid App as it gives you an access to your Android device from your PC.
  • Check on the phone calls or text messages and all the other notifications of your Smartphone directly on a computer.
  • Take controls of the function of your phone with the keyboard of your computer along with the mouse. Transfer files using Airdroid in an extremely fast speed without using USB Cable.
  • Start using the social media applications that are installed in your phone with Airdroid App on your computer.
  • Get the mirror notifications of your connected phone with your computer, read and reply to the text messages of phone.
  • Backup the files such as photos and videos from your phone and computer very easily.
  • You can also record the screenshot of your phone with one single click, rooting is not simply necessary.
  • Speed up your device by cleaning the memory and makes your device run fast.
  • Locate your phone if you have lost it by mistake and check on the unauthorized user people captured the photo with the front camera.
  • Manage the files on your phone and memory card storage by importing and exporting them.

How to Download and install Airdroid APK V4.1.2.1 on Android Device?

Here, we will provide you the information on how to Download and install Android APK V4.1.2.1 for Android Device. Check out the steps that are provided below in details.

  • Step 1: Click here to get the latest Airdroid APK V4.1.2.1 for your Android Phone
  • Step 2: Before you prepare to install the Apk file on your device, make sure to make security settings on your phone.
  • Step 3: To make that happen, go for the settings and then scroll to find security settings. Into the next page search for the “device administration” settings, simply tap on unknown sources.
  • Step 4: Now your device is ready to install the third party applications. To install the APK file visit the location of downloaded Airdroid APK file.
  • Step 5: Tap on the Airdroid APK file and then you will be asked to choose Install button. Simply tap on the install button.

How to Download Airdroid APK from Google Play store on Android Phone?

Airdroid App is officially available to download free from Google Play Store. Follow these steps to download the file to your Android device.

  • Step 1: Launch the Google Play store from your phone.
  • Step 2: Into the search bar type “Airdroid” and then tap on the search button.
  • Step 3: From the search results click on the icon of the Airdroid.
  • Step 4: In the next page, look for the install button of the file and tap on it. To proceed to select the accepting terms and conditions of the App.
  • Step 5: Now you will have to wait until all the files of Airdroid is downloaded into your phone.

Once the download process is complete minimize the play store and then launch the Airdroid on your Android.


In this article, we have discussed the necessary steps to deal with the Airdroid APK Download V4.1.2.1 for Android device. Airdroid is the best application tool that comes with phone control features and lots more. Allowing you to enjoy every feature in PC that can be done on your Android phone, now you can switch the controls of your phone into your computer, which is comparatively into a  larger screen comparing to your Smartphone. Without any delay in time, you better get the latest version of Airdroid APK file on your phone. If you have any doubts or questions then do ask using the comments section given below.

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